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synopsis writing serviceA synopsis is a shortened version of a book, article, movie, etc. Unlike a summary that provides a brief overview of the story, a synopsis provides a more detailed version of the story that covers every aspect necessary for successful understanding.

Writing a synopsis requires you to make a thorough analysis of the main points you explore in the story and presenting them concisely and clearly. A great synopsis covers the conflict story and its resolutions while describing the plot and the main characters. Since a synopsis is an important paper, it has to be written, organized and edited to perfection. Still, if you need help in writing your synopsis paper, our synopsis writing service will provide you the best synopsis writing service.

How to Write a Synopsis

Writing a good synopsis is not as easy as you might think. To write an excellent synopsis, you have to imagine that you are retelling the plot of the movie, book, or dissertation to a friend.

However, he doesn’t have much time to listen, so you must make it short but detailed. Bear in mind that the language you use is clear and precise. The question is, how can you achieve all these? Here are some steps and tips to help you write an excellent synopsis:

For a synopsis to stand out, it has to have substance. It doesn’t matter how well it is written. If it doesn’t demonstrate a smooth flowing plot and strong narrative, it will be rejected. Therefore, before you start writing, you need to focus on the following aspects.

Begin with major plot points

Often when you write a synopsis, ensure that your instructor is made aware of your story’s main plot points. And the best way to do this is by summarizing your story by creating a list of the plot points. These includes:

  • The provoking incident: What ignites the major conflict of your story?
  • The events of the rising action: What happens between the inciting incident and the climax. How does it build up the tension?
  • The climax of the story – you have to pay attention to this as it is the most important.
  • The ending of the story – how does the story end? You must know how the story ends as it brings the plot and storyline to a close.

By listing these points, you effectively map out the plot and the arc of your story, thereby enabling the reader to follow it from the start to the end with ease.

Include character motivations

When including character motivations, make sure you emphasize them at the beginning and the end of your synopsis. At first, they should be as a justification for the inciting incident and at the end as resolution. Note that character motivations are written in either present tense or third person since it mainly works to engage the reader.

Highlight what is unique

A good synopsis has to highlight the elements that make it unique. Your instructor has to know what is so special about your story. More importantly, is it important for the readers to pick it up? Here are the unique elements that you should employ to grab your instructor’s attention while making your synopsis as appealing as possible.

  • Voice

The voice for your synopsis is important as it conveys your story’s tone. It is one of the vital elements that make your synopsis outstanding. Nonetheless, it is a difficult element to evoke.

One of the best ways to evoke voice in your synopsis is by deliberate word choice and sentence structure. Make sure your synopsis reflects the overall feeling of the story.

  • Plot Twists

Plot twists are one of the oldest tricks in the book, novels, and movies that readers find interesting. So if the book, novel, or movie you are writing about has one or more plot twists, especially at the climax, ensure you synopsis emphasized it (them). Don’t hint too much of it since it will make it appear more dramatic, a couple of words in the introduction will serve as a foreshadowing.

  • Point of View

The distinctive point of view is another element that can set your synopsis apart. Therefore, you will be writing your synopsis in the third person to limit the inclusion of an introductory sentence. This approach works best for books that have an unusual point of view. It also comes in handy for bog-standard narrators.

Edit for clarity and excess

If you shroud your synopsis in mystery, it will be frustrating to the audience who wants to know what the book is all about quickly. As such, after writing, make sure you set aside the bulk of your time to edit it for clarity.  You may also delete some text to get clear and concise.

  • Editing for clarity

When editing your synopsis, make sure you scan for words and sentences that are not only vague but also unclear, especially at the beginning. Most writers often fail to hook their audience by opening with a sentence closely related to the first shadowy line of the novel or book. As much as you want your introduction to be intriguing, it has to cut the chase quickly! Make your intro clear and straight to the point.

  • Editing excess words

You can edit for excess words if your synopsis is longer than a few pages and requires some cutbacks. So, read through the entire document and scrutinize every sentence and word. With this, you will be able to spot and reduce any run-on sentences or subordinate clauses that make your synopsis unnecessarily long.

You can also eliminate any irrelevant details that don’t lead to the next plot point or contributing directly to your voice or any other distinctive elements. Make sure your synopsis has substance.

Ensure it Flows

By the time you finish your synopsis, it should read like a summary from an exceptional novel or book review. This only means that the entire synopsis document not only reads clearly and precisely to the point, but also the reading is smooth while placing substantial emphasis on critical events and unique elements we have discussed above.

  • Get test readers

The best way to know that your synopsis is paced concisely and flows smoothly is to give it to a test reader. This could be your classmates or a professional editor. Since you have spent much of your time with your synopsis to be objective about it, pay attention to the suggestions of your test reader on possible transitions, word substitutions, and which elements to emphasize or eliminate.

  • Use professional synopses as a model

Professional synopses can provide you with a valuable tool for refining your word at the final stage of your synopsis writing process. You can compare and contrast them with yours and adopt any techniques or aspects that you deem can improve your synopsis. Don’t look for professional synopses models before you start writing your own as this will make it sound unoriginal and flat.

By following these simple steps, you can be sure to write an intriguing synopsis. But if you feel you can’t cope with these steps for whatever reasons, it is wise to purchase a synopsis from our dissertation writing agency.

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