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Before writing the final project, you’ll need to prepare a DNP capstone project proposal. It’s very important to consult your advisor regarding this issue. The DNP capstone project proposal proposes a specific nursing-related problem for you to research. At this point, all your energy should focus on getting your DNP capstone committee to approve your proposal.

Depending on the problem you seek to address, the document can be quite lengthy. But there’s no way you’re going to have a DNP capstone proposal that’s longer than the actual DNP capstone paper. That’s because the DNP capstone proposal typically doesn’t contain the results and discussion section. As in you’ve not yet collected data, analyzed it, interpreted it, and presented it. The DNP capstone project proposal enables your advisor and the committee to determine whether your problem is research-worthy.

Writing the DNP capstone project proposal certainly isn’t rocket science. However, there’s no guarantee you’ll sail through the writing process without issues. In fact, you’ll likely encounter many intimidating challenges you’d not foreseen. That’s why we encourage you to find a reliable capstone project proposal writing service the earliest possible. With a project of this magnitude, you want to feel you can access quality DNP capstone project proposal help anytime.

Why You Need DNP Capstone Project Proposal Help

DNP capstone project proposal helpWe keep getting asked to guide nursing doctoral candidates as they develop their DNP capstone project. For them, the project is a whole new experience. It’s nothing like anything you’ve ever handled. Plus, nursing is a tough scientific discipline. For many aspiring PhDs, the DNP capstone is a daunting project. It is therefore important to look for someone who knows how to write DNP capstone proposal if you’re to convince the committee team.

The information that follows below suggests how you might handle the project rather than how you should handle it. Our DNP capstone proposal writers use same steps to write your proposal. We must say we’ve helped countless Ph.D. candidates in the same situation you’ve found yourself in. Some come with huge, seemingly insurmountable problems, but we lead them to sound solutions. Others have small issues they could manage unassisted but have zero time.

With us, everyone accesses high-quality DNP capstone project proposal help and thrashes any problems that might threaten their success. Upon successful completion of the proposal we assist students with professional DNP capstone project help? It is advisable to ask a proven capstone project proposal writing service if they can assist you. Here’s how to write a DNP capstone project proposal.

How to Write The DNP Capstone Project Proposal

DNP capstone project proposal is written according to the following structure:

  • Abstract
  • Problem statement
  • Conceptual framework
  • Significance
  • Specific aims
  • Methods
  • Conclusion

Abstract Your DNP Capstone Project Proposal

Write the abstract. Outline the problem.  Explain why it matters. Discuss the methods you plan to use to answer your research questions and test your hypotheses. Perhaps you’ll use a mixed methods approach where you’ll mix components of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Or maybe you’ll solely rely on quantitative techniques. As an aspiring nursing PhD, it’s unlikely you plan to conduct a purely qualitative study. But, hey, that’s not implying you can’t carry out a qualitative study. Most of the DNP candidates we’ve seen preferred to use the mixed method approach.

Additionally, describe your proposed study population and the sample size. Perhaps you’re studying compassion fatigue among senior nursing staff. You can propose to select 50 senior nursing staff from a particular facility. You can say, “50 senior nursing staff will be selected to respond to the research survey.” It’s best to write your DNP capstone project’s abstract last. That’s because it summarizes your entire work.

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Problem statement/identification

State your problem. Your problem might be compassion fatigue among management staff running healthcare facilities. Discuss the concept and its background. Identify the researcher(s) who first mentioned the idea that fascinates you. Mention the work of others who have given the concept some attention recently. Write, for example, that, “Joinson (1992) identified compassion fatigue among emergency department nursing staff.”

Consult several other authors who’ve contributed to the existing research surrounding compassion fatigue. How many sources? We’d say this: as many as you need to cover the issue sufficiently. Certainly, you must mention every recognized author in this research area. You never want to get accused of silencing critics, or worse, of plagiarism.

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Describe your conceptual model

Bazillions of models inundate pretty much every nursing program you might think of. And it’s likely you’ll use a particular nursing model or a couple of them to inform your proposed DNP capstone project.

What’s your model? Maybe you’ve decided to work with Stamm’s Compassion Satisfaction–Compassion Fatigue model. You might say something like, “The proposed study intends to use the Compassion Satisfaction–Compassion Fatigue model that Stamm developed in 2010. According to Stamm, CS-CF balance determines the professional quality of life of an individual.”

Naturally, there should be a strong link between your conceptual model and the problem you propose to study. That’s because research problems in nursing and all other programs don’t arise from nowhere. Research problems are typically knowledge gaps identifiable during review of existing literature.


Describe why you think your proposed study deserves scholarly attention. Research and discuss the growing problem (assuming that’s the case) of compassion fatigue among nurse leaders. Find works that expose the problem.

Most importantly, identify any important aspects of the problem existing research has not considered. Perhaps no one has ever researched the issue of compassion fatigue among senior nurses in a specific department, say, surgery.

But is that a significant problem? You can demonstrate that, ultimately, compassion fatigue negatively impacts the productivity of operating room nursing staff, for example.

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Specific aims

List down your proposed study’s specific aims. One of the aims might be “To describe secondary traumatic stress as a component of compassion fatigue among nurse leaders using ProQOL5.”

Your description must be clear. It must not leave your readers in any doubt as to what your proposed research seeks to do.


The methodology chapter of your DNP capstone proposal is a critically vital part of your work. We think you should direct roughly 60% of your effort to this section. If there are discernible weaknesses in this chapter, you’re going to be in serious trouble. Generally, lame methods lead to lame findings. And no one ever takes lame findings seriously.

Also, discuss the research design you’ve chosen. Does the design combine the strengths of quantitative techniques with those of qualitative methods? You might write, “This study favors a mixed method approach. It intends to use face-to-face interviews to gather qualitative data and the ProQOL V5 tool to collect quantitative data.

In addition, discuss your population. Who are they? Why do you want them as participants? Also, describe sample size. Why only 50 participants when 500 participants would probably be a more representative sample? How will you recruit them? What about sampling techniques? How do you plan to analyze the data? Finally, discuss how you’ll handle the little issue of protecting human subjects.

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Summarize your proposal. Restate your problem, research questions, thesis statement, and hypotheses. Briefly explain how you’ll investigate the problem. In addition, mention the implications of the proposed DNP capstone research.

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