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“I think I need a little help to write my thesis paper.” But why do you think you need assistance with your thesis paper? Have you run into some obstacles? Is the methodology proving a tough challenge? Are you experiencing difficulties with choosing a suitable thesis paper topic?If these areas aren’t problematic for you, you’ll possibly battle data collection and data analysis down the road. You might also find that revising your thesis paper isn’t that easy. And the thought to find someone to “help me revise my thesis paper” might cross your mind.

Why do universities have so many names for what is essentially the same paper? Isn’t a research paper technically the same as a term paper? Look, completing a term paper or a research paper entails reading sources and answering an important research question.

And how does a research paper differ from a capstone project paper? Aren’t they all about exploring a problem and inventing a solution? Admittedly, there’s a difference between these two. But the difference is small and subtle.

So what’s a Thesis paper? We’ll answer that question in the next chapter. Meanwhile, stop saying, “I need to pay someone to write my thesis paper.” Or, “I need someone to revise my thesis paper.” Instead, say you need expert assistance to write or edit your thesis paper. Needing help is starkly different than having someone do your work for you.

Writing a Thesis Paper Closely Compares to Writing an Essay

A thesis paper is not any different than an essay. Nor is it materially different from a term paper or a research paper. A thesis paper is technically a long essay that asks a research question and proceeds to answer it persuasively.

You now know what a thesis paper is. You therefore mustn’t entertain the idea of paying someone to “write my thesis paper.” But we’d understand it perfectly if we saw you seeking help to “revise my thesis paper”

What Writing a Thesis Paper Entails

Writing a thesis paper is a technical process that starts with the identification of a topic that captivates you. If the subject doesn’t excite you, you likely won’t do a great job. You’ll likely end up with an “also wrote” sort of paper.

Just like an essay, a well-structured thesis paper features three distinct parts. These include the introduction, body, and final paragraph.

We’ll give you tips for how to write a perfect thesis paper. Once you master thesis paper writing, you’ll no longer hire someone to “write my thesis paper.” But paying someone to help you “revise my thesis paper” is an entirely different matter.

How to Write a Thesis Paper

If you know how to write the traditional essay, you certainly know how to write a thesis paper. Start with a gripping introduction. Next, build a body that stays strong even when others (your thesis committee) bombard it with criticism. Finally, conclude it with words that stay with the reader for some time.

Let’s jump right in.

Design the Introduction and Thesis Statement

Let’s look at each of the two critical parts mentioned above separately. We’ve done that because each part is hugely important. And we don’t want you to get confused.

The Introduction

The main role of the introduction is to introduce the topic. It summarizes the subject matter rather than explaining it in detail. The reader immediately needs to know what question you’re striving to research.

In addition, the intro provides the reader with the background information that birthed your research question. The thesis statement, the concluding sentence (s) of the introduction, is perhaps itsmost prominent feature.

But did we hear you say you’re looking to hire someone online to “write my thesis paper?” Well, don’t do that. Instead, you should amp up your academic writing skills. Once your skills improve, writing begins to feel like a task you actually enjoy.

Let’s now look at the thesis statement a little bit more closely.

Thesis Statement

Typically, the thesis statement is the last statement of a thesis paper’s introductory paragraph. It shouldn’t be too long. Or too short. Two or three sentences that give the reader a glimpse into the meat of your argument should suffice. Note: Your statement needs to capture your personal stance on thesubject matter.

The thesis statement is arguably the most critical component of a thesis paper. Without an intelligent thesis statement, you’ll ramble and go off track. In contrast, a properly written thesis keeps you focused. The thesis statement is your bulwark against veering off the road.

My Thesis Statement Sucks!


At first, you may not like your thesis statement. It might feel unrefined and a little dumb.  And it might be. But don’t fret over that. Simply consider the statement as an evolving element. You’ll buff out the rough edges as you go.

Writing the thesis statement isn’t that hard. You certainly don’t need to ask anyone to “write my thesis paper.” But you can request an editor to “help me revise my thesis paper” when the time comes.

Build the Body Paragraphs of Your Thesis Paper

Next, construct the body paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with a power-packed topic sentence. A topic sentence summarizes the main focus of a paragraph. It’s a sign post indicating what the reader may expect.

After writing down the topic sentence, provide evidence to buttress your claim. Then, reinforce your argument with facts and statistics. Also, throw in a sentence or two that analyze your point and expound on it.

Finally, conclude your paragraph. Also, remember to connect it with the next one using an appropriate transition word or phrase.

Transitions are “Linking” Words and Phrases

Transitions are simply connecting words and phrases. They work pretty much like mortar. They help you keep your structure (thesis paper) firmly held together. Transitions are words like however, but, next, and although. They also include phrases such as in contrast, by comparison, and on the other hand.

Do you really need help to pick the right transition? Do you plan to ask some random freelancer to “write my thesis paper for me?” Trust us — that’s a bad idea. Sit down and labor over your project no matter how hard it is. But it’s usually ok to ask an editor “will you help me revise my thesis paper?”

Conclude Your Thesis Paper

The conclusion works pretty much like the introduction. They both summarize your thesis paper. But that’s not saying you should copy one and paste it where the other should be. It’s just a question of creatively using your vocabulary to say the same thing differently.

Simply restate your main points and research question. Also, summarize your study’s findings (the most important ones). One more thing: describe the implications supported by your findings. Remember to include a recommendation or two for future research.

You see, it’s that simple. No one should ever approach a stranger online asking them to “write my thesis paper for me.”

Revise Your Thesis Paper

Finally, edit your paper. Check whether you’ve inserted citations where necessary. Doing that helps you sidestep plagiarism. Make sure the tone and overall language sounds right. Fine-tune the grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Use clearer, smarter words. Address formatting issues. You can do all this unassisted. Or you can ask a professional editor, “Will you please help me revise my thesis paper?” At this point in the thesis paper writing process, no one ever asks, “Who’ll write my thesis paper?”

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