Help with Writing Dissertation Results

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Start Writing Up the Results of Your Dissertation

Most people know that starting something is the most difficult part of executing it. Why haven’t you started writing up your dissertation’s results? We suspect it is inertia. It’s that inner resistance that has you doing everything else but writing your dissertation. Overcome this detrimental force and get going.

“But how do I start crafting my dissertation’s findings section?” Well, start from the beginning. Write out an outline. Not everyone starts with an outline, though, but most good academic writers use outlines. Outlining your results section helps you organize your thoughts. It helps you develop some sort of a roadmap that gets you from the start of the process to the finish.

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How to Write Up Your Dissertation’s Results

Here are the specific tasks you should complete for the findings section. First, note down the most important findings. Then, sit down and brainstorm. Let ideas flow without restraint. Think of how the results help you address your research questions and hypotheses.

Second, discuss your results. Discussing the results is nothing more than interpreting them. Failure to give a crystal clear interpretation of your findings is the surest path to a dissertation that packs a weak punch.

Why Interpreting Your Dissertation’s Results Matters

In the absence of a detailed explanation as to what your findings mean, readers will interpret those results any way they want. And that’s not something you want. Instead, you’d want readers to grasp your principal results as well as the implications of those findings.

Once you have your outline neatly typed out, it’s time to start expanding your ideas into beefy paragraphs. Well, not so beefy.

We’re certain you know how to write the results section of a dissertation. How do we know that? We know you’ve completed many essays, research papers, an undergraduate dissertation, and a master’s dissertation. For that reason, you probably don’t need help with writing dissertation results. Still, there are many other ways a dissertation results writing service can be of help.

So let’s dive right in.

Step 1: Write the Introduction

Introductions generally summarize a work’s main message. What central message does your dissertation amount to? State your dissertation’s most critical results. You don’t need to include every small result in this section. Only what matters most.

At this point, tell the reader whether your findings were significant. Also, reveal the implications of your findings.

You should handle this part just as you would an essay’s introduction. Your intro should outline the overall message readers should expect to find in the body of this section.

Arguably, the results section of a dissertation is the most critical portion of the work. That’s why you should handle it with utmost care. So choose your words carefully. How you craft this part determines whether the reader will consume the rest of the chapter.

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Step 2: Write the body of the Results Section

For this portion of the results chapter, you should discuss your results one after the other. Each finding should have its own paragraph. After you present a result, interpret what it means. Explain it in the context of your dissertation’s hypotheses and research question. In addition, discuss whether the result agrees with your expectations or with the literature surrounding your topic.

In case your results are controversial or not as per your expectation, explain that. Tell the reader why you think you obtained those results. What are some of the reasons you may end up with different results?

You may have selected a non-representative sample for some reason. Or chosen participants with a particular experience. But in these cases, you should have stated this clearly and provided justification in the methodology section.

One more thing: discuss the limitations of your research. Every competent researcher knows that studies aren’t perfect pieces of work. Limitations show you admit there might be a few aspects you probably should have handled differently.

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Step 3: Write the Conclusion; Make Recommendations

It’s time to wrap up the results section. As you would do in every other case, strive to leave an impression in the reader’s mind. The conclusion should remind the reader of your dissertation’s main findings and their implications.

Also, explain why you think researchers and practitioners in your field should care about your findings. In addition, include your recommendations or suggestions for further research. And if you so wish, you can include a couple recommendations for practice.

You’ve done it!

Now, you can relax for a while as you contemplate how to handle the rest of your dissertation.

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