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Publishing years of PhD research papers in various journals is a must-do for researchers across the world. Regardless, it is a broadly known fact that PhD paper publishing is a rigorous process. For most researchers, especially first-timers, the publication process can be an intimidating task.

Slip-ups in adherence to journal guidelines and publishing procedures lead to outright rejection. As such, there are numerous manuscript rejections than acceptance, let alone successful publications.

With this in mind, most PhD students prefer seeking PhD Paper Publication Help to get their research papers through the publishing process. If you are one of these students, you have come to the right place.

What are the Top Reasons for PhD Paper Rejection?

Here are some of the main reasons why your PhD paper may be rejected.

  • If the manuscript is outside the scope of the journal
  • If the manuscript is incomplete, it lacks basics like the title, authors, keywords, references, affiliations, main text, and tables and figures that support your paper’s arguments.
  • Language and grammar do not match with the standards for the peer-review process.
  • The figures in your paper are not complete or lack clarity to read
  • References are incomplete, poorly formatted, and outdated
  • Your paper has plagiarism

Step-by-Step Journey of Ph.D. Publication Process

Let’s quickly look at the publishing journey of your PhD publication help and see how our PhD Paper Publication Help Services can help you at every stage on the way.

  • Writing is Complete

Now that you have completed your PhD paper, make sure your data, writings, citations, graphs, illustrations, and other relevant figures are ok. Now it is ready for submission, so look for an appropriate journal to publish.

  • Choosing a Journal

While choosing a journal for your PhD paper, there are few things you should check to ensure journal suitability and reduce the chances of utter rejection. Some of the things to check for include;

  • Scope of study
  • Urgency to publish
  • Target journal type – the scope, focus, etc
  • Type of article
  • Accessibility feature – open access, print only, etc
  • Advantage of your PhD paper in its field of specialty

With many years of experience, we can help you evaluate all these parameters with ease.

  • Submission

Once we check and ensure all the parameters for your PhD paper are ok and already selected your journal, the next step is submission. Submitting your PhD paper is another daunting task for most students who are already exhausted after completing writing and editing their paper. It can be more frustrating for PhD students whose English is not their native language and intend to submit their PhD paper to an International Journal.

Regardless, our journal submission experts are skilled in submitting PhD papers to different international journals. So, once your PhD paper is ready for submission, our publishing professionals will take the tedious submission process and submit it in the required manner.

We will assist you PhD student publish your work on recognized and reputable journals. Getting published on IEEE, SCI, PubMed, Elsevier gives you credibility as a researcher. However, it is not an easy task as international journals requires lofty standards and conformity to different standards. These standards include concise abstracts, detailed research methodology, appropriate data analysis, proper citations and formatting. This is too much for a researcher to comply and accepted to publish.

Our PhD paper publication help service will offer you the support services from writing stage to publication. We are conversant with the standards of international publications. Therefore, we will tailor your manuscript to appeal to the journal’s readership, impact factor rating and writing style.

They will check your PhD paper against the selected journal guidelines and provide you with a list of must-dos and fixes to meet the journal standard guidelines. So, when you are ready, we will complete the submission process on your behalf.

  • Screening

Screening is the most crucial phase in the process of PhD papers. This is the stage where our editors decide whether your PhD is perfect to proceed to the next level. Otherwise, your PhD paper will go back for editing with detailed suggestions for changes or advice to submit to an alternative journal. At the screening stage, rejections may occur due to the following;

  1. Scope of work
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Formatting and proofreading errors
  • Peer Review

Peer review processes often take s anywhere from 30 to 120 days. You can waste all this time if your paper is not competent for further procedures and thus can be rejected. Rejection of a PhD paper at the peer review stage happens due to various reasons. Some of the reasons include lack of originality, methodological flaws, serious conceptual errors, poor grammar, or English language problems.

If you come to us, you won’t have to wait this long for feedback on your PhD paper. Our subject-matter experts will peer-review your Ph.D. paper within 7 days. We ensure every section is thoroughly reviewed, pinpoint areas of improvement, and provide actionable suggestions to make your PhD paper peer review process easy, quick and successful.

Moreover, we also offer substantive editing services for PhD papers that require a thorough review of general logic and flow of work. Our experts will also ensure the language used is perfect, the structure and format are on point, and your research is adequate. Most importantly, they will provide invaluable insights and feedback on text enhancement.

Based on the feedback from the peer reviewer, the journal can accept or reject your PhD paper. If rejected, make sure you address all the feedbacks before resubmitting it again.

  • Journal Decision

Keep in mind that scientists have their manuscripts rejected at all stages of their careers, so it is best to understand it and learn to handle the rejection of your PhD paper effectively, to give it a second chance. Your Ph.D. paper can be rejected for different reasons.

Often, the journal will pinpoint the various reasons for rejecting your paper. It is crucial to consider the reasons carefully and use them to strengthen your PhD paper and ensure you have persuasively dealt with all the mistakes. But if you intend to submit it to a different journal incorporating the suggestions will make your research stronger and increase the chances of acceptance.

We can help incorporate all the suggestions from your reviewer and ensure your PhD paper meets the required standards.

Get Unparalleled PhD Paper Publications Help Services

We offer various PhD paper publication services that ensure your PhD paper publication process is seamless. Here are some of the services you can benefit from:

  • Journal Selection Services

Our journal recommendations are based on the suitability of your paper. With that in mind, we can help you decide which journal to submit to. We make a thorough comparison of 3 to 5 journals that you can consider submitting your paper. Moreover, we do detailed feedback of your paper covering the language, importance of the outcome and overall quality of your paper, and more.

  • Pre-Submission Peer Review Services

We provide PhD paper reviews by subject experts who focus on the soundness of study design, reporting methodology, and significance to the field, ethical efficacy, and sufficiency of data analysis.

For that reason, we offer a detailed technical report on clarity of presentation, structure and organization, evidence supporting the conclusion, and the relevance of the literature review. Besides, we check for your paper’s compatibility with the targeted journal.

  • Substantive Editing Services

Our substantive editing services are designed for students looking to submit their PhD papers to high-impact peer-reviewed international journals. Our editing services are focused on the logic, structure, and presentation of your paper to its publication is ready.

  • Paper Formatting and Artwork Editing Services

We offer professional PhD paper formatting and artwork correction in adherence to journal requirements. We will format the text, tables, and references. On the other hand, our artwork services focus on figure optimization as per the journal requirements. We will also proofread for mechanical and grammar error corrections.

  • Journal Submission Services

Our submission experts will help you understand and complete your PhD paper submission process. That way, you save time while ensuring a thorough review is done to check key points before submission. As such, we:

  1. Double-check your paper formatting to ensure it adheres to journal guidelines for successful submission
  2. Ensure all formalities such as filling in the necessary details and uploading all required documents are done by our experts.
  • Rejected Paper Editing Services

We do a comprehensive English language review, structuring, formatting, and re-editing of your paper content perfectly. Besides, we incorporate the reviewer’s feedbacks to ensure perfection before resubmission.

As such, we take two rounds of editing by a subject-matter professional to ensure all reviewer feedback is incorporated. Review comments pinpointed in your paper and accordingly give a response depending on whether you are making a resubmission to the previous journal or a new one.

  • Plagiarism Check Services

With the help of advanced plagiarism software, we will thoroughly scan and check your paper for originality. We then provide you with a detailed report by highlighting the text considered as plagiarized. Moreover, we can hand over this report to our editors to remove plagiarism aspect to leave the content clean.

We have many years of expertise across several areas of study and our PhD Paper Publication Help has helped several Ph.D. students publish their research papers in various journals including international peer-reviewed journals.

Our service specializations include PhD paper writing help, developing a PhD paper from your existing research or thesis statement, PhD paper formatting and editing services, and submitting your PhD paper to your chosen journal. We also follow up with journal editors concerning your paper besides doing a peer-review of your PhD paper.

If you need assistance in PhD paper publication, you can trust us. Call us, email, or live chat with our customer support to submit your request.