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The Oxford Brookes University (OBU) is a high ranking educational institution among polytechnics and universities in Britain that offer exclusive education of practical orientation. Students who wish to become Chartered Accountants are required to pursue and pass ACCA Global qualification. Employers and business partners recognize ACCA as a standard qualification for professionals who intend to work in finance, management or accounting fields. As a result, the qualification is highly intense and demanding since it widely covers finance, accounting, management and quantitative methods.

To qualify as chartered accountant via ACCA route you need to sit for examination or present a well researched based project paper. Our OBU thesis help website, you will receive unmatched services that will be reflected in the grade your thesis will be awarded. To pass your OBU RAP Thesis with exceptional grades, getting ACCA RAP thesis writing services is never an option.

Why Do ACCA Students Ask for OBU Thesis Help?

Once a student enrolls at Oxford Brookes University (OBU), the stake of learning shoots to the highest and this is replicated on the academic load and stress. The completion of the RAP Thesis requires students to meet several requirements before they can deliver an immaculate OBU thesis. Before submitting a thesis, the student is required to pass the knowledge and skills examination as well as the ethics and professional skills unit. All this is just but an introduction to the RAP thesis. The submission deadlines are not only short but non-negotiable. Moreover, all students are strictly required to submit a flawless thesis, no less!

With this kind of pressure and commitment on the shoulders of a student, it is utterly difficult to research, prepare and submit a RAP Thesis that will deliver a pass on the first attempt. What is more worrying is that even resubmittal doesn’t assure a pass without the services and guidance of expert OBU RAP thesis helper. It is on this backdrop that we designed and set up a OBU Thesis help service that assures students of well-researched and professionally written ACCA thesis.  If you feel that you need the much-sort after ACCA OBU RAP help services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Our team of highly trained and qualified accountants will assist you craft a well researched project that will demonstrate your impeccable knowledge and skill application in finance and accounting. We have assisted hundred of students from across the globe including Singapore, Oman, United Kingdom, South Africa, UAE and Malaysia complete their ACCA research analysis based projects. The first step in writing OBU thesis project includes developing accounting research topic and understanding the research problem.

Structure of ACCA

Did you know as an ACCA student you can earn an undergraduate degree whilst taking your professional qualification? BSc Applied Accounting is an honors level undergraduate offered by Oxford Brookes University and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).  Upon completion of the degree a student is qualified to work as a professional accountant in any type of organization. Writing and submitting Research and Analysis Project to OBU committee is the final leg to earning the coveted degree. After successfully completing 9 ACCA Applied knowledge and applied skills exams papers and ACCA ethics and professional skills module you can submit your RAP to OBU committee. Upon satisfying the committee you will be awarded BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting.

structure of ACCA

Structure of ACCA: follow this route to earn BSc (Applied Accounting)

Students prepare for ACCA examination through learning providers, online classes or self-study. However, for RAP you will be expected to study independently and  use materials provided by OBU. Our OBU thesis help is tailored to offer independent students mentorship and guidance in writing successful RAP.

Upon successful completion of RAP, a student is expected to demonstrate graduate level skills. These skills are mainly research and writing skills are not tested in ACCA examinations. You will be expected to successfully present a comprehensive research report of 7500words and skills and learning statement of 2000words.  In the research report you will be expected to undertake a research based project focusing on a particular organization in a given industry. Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) is a reflection paper on the RAP experience. Basically, you should demonstrate ways in which you have professionally developed and how you will be of help in future.

OBU Thesis Help: How to Choose a Suitable Topic

A student should always choose a topic and organisation that interests them. Nonetheless, they have to keep in mind some things right from the start so that they don’t waste time when they realize that the specific topic does not have enough information to do a thorough analysis. Moreover, it is imperative to ensure that the RAP topic addresses part of ACCA syllabus. More reason you need to contact Help with Dissertation for OBU thesis help services.

Does the topic you choose need primary data and will you have adequate access to this primary information? Or will the topic allow you to conduct effective research if relevant? Most topics need inside information or access to confidential information, therefore, you will need to get permission for you to receive and use the information before you begin researching and writing your thesis.

You must choose a topic that allows the use of a business model/framework. As such, before choosing a topic have a suitable business model/framework for your topic and how you will apply it to fulfill the assessment criteria.

It is important that you also consider how you will evaluate your information quantitatively. In many cases, you will find that a student has done excellent research and described what the problem is but forgets to apply the original analysis of their own. Therefore, think about the topic you intend to research and all that goes therein before you start the actual research and writing.

Ask for OBU Thesis Help on RAP Submission for Period 47 & 48 (2023-2024)

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Why trust our OBU thesis help services? You need writers who are conversant with the implemented changes for period 47 & 48. Remember, students who submit research project based on old version of the topic will receive a fail. Our OBU thesis support follows the guidelines on the information pack for period 47 & 48. Therefore, you will be on the right track. Additionally, our able ACCA RAP thesis writers can handle any OBU RAP topics with confidence while they guarantee impeccable results.

Every year in the month of June, OBU releases information pack for that year making changes to the ACCA RAP content. This is done to ensure students remain relevant and up to date to the current practice.  In the current RAP Submission for Period 47 & 48 that runs from June 2023 to 2024 a number of changes have been made.

  1. The total number of OBU RAP topics remain to be 15 (fifteen) similar to last period.
  2. RAP Topic # 2 also remained unchanged
  3. Students are required for each topic to identify and apply at least a business model. This is in addition to accountancy theories and concepts. OBU released in its information pack an indicative suggestions on the business model/frameworks for respective topics
  4. There are 8 RAP  topics that are related to business/operational and financial analysis. These include RAP topics 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 15
  5. There are 3 RAP topics related to ethics, governance and control
  6. There are RAP topics that students are expected research on impact assessment on various key business aspects that include 6, 9 & 10. These will include change in HR policy, risk management
  7. RAP topic 11 requires a student to make an impact assessment on the use of data and its impact on the business
  8. In this period, OBU does not specify sector on any research topic

Our OBU thesis help experts recommend when choosing a topic you need to consider form of data, access to the data and data collection planning. Different topics require different sources of information. As you are aware the different sources of information include:  secondary data, primary data, internally available information and publicly available information. Some topics that utilize secondary data will require you to use a comparator organization for your evaluation. According to RAP requirements you will be required to justify and explain the organization selected as a comparator

Revised RAP Topics According to Period 47 & 48

  • OBU RAP Topic 1: Analyse and evaluate the impact on the business and financial performance of an organization of an aspect of an organisation’s performance management system.

Under RAP topic 1 a student can consider areas such as budgetary control systems, environmental performance management and costing techniques. The topic will require collection of primary data to enable assessment of the impact. Access to internal generated information is desirable

  • OBU RAP Topic 2: Analyse and evaluate the impact (positive or negative) of an internal digital or technological innovation on the operational and financial performance of the organisation

In this topic a student may consider technological innovations such as new software/hardware, business process or supplier process. Similarly, use of internally generated information is desirable. Collection of primary data will assist analyse the impact of technological innovation.

  • OBU RAP Topic 3:Analyse and evaluate the impact on the financial performance of an organisation of a recent change imposed by the regulatory environment.

In this topic, the attributable changes may be as a result of taxation policy, legislations, accounting standards or industry sector regulations and should have occurred in the last 3 years, the assessment should compare financial performance prior and after regulatory changes. The student will be expected to use publicly available information.

  • OBU RAP Topic 4: Analyse and evaluate the business and financial performance of an organization which has performed exceptionally poorly over a three year period with a critical analysis of the reasons for its difficulties.

If you chose RAP Topic 4 you will be required to demonstrate in-depth understanding of the industry and its competitive factors. To clearly demonstrate you will need, first to justify the choice of organization and why you consider the performance exceptionally poor. Then you will need to choose a comparator organization and compare with its performance and industry sector averages. The poor performance must have been registered in the last 3 years and should not be attributable to COVID 19.

  • OBU RAP Topic 5: Analyse and evaluate the business and financial performance of an organization which has performed exceptionally well over a three year period with a critical analysis of the reasons for its success

In this topic you will be required to justify the choice of organization and why you believe the organization performance was exceptional within the last 3 years. Mostly you will use secondary data that is publicly available. Successful RAP report should have a comparator organization or industry sector averages. In this case, the performance of the selected organization should be compared with another organization in the same industry or with the industry averages. You should also discuss the competitive pressures in the industry.

  • OBU RAP Topic 6: Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of key factors that have an impact on employees in an organisation.

RAP Topic 6 is concerned with analyzing the impact of HR policies on the motivation of employees. You will be required to collect primary data from employees to obtain key indicators in employee motivation.

  • OBU RAP Topic 7: Research an organisation that has undergone a major change. Analyse and evaluate whether the change has had a positive impact on business and financial performance.

Here you will need to collect primary data. Normally it is internally generated information. Your evaluation should assess changes in business and financial performance before the restructuring and after restructuring of the organization. A major change could be business combination, restructuring or entry into a new sector or market.

  • OBU RAP Topic 8: Analyse and evaluate the business and financial performance over a three year period of an organisation operating in a sector that has faced strategic and operational challenges with an emphasis on how management have addressed these challenges.

In this topic, a student must justify the organization and sector chosen; demonstrate the strategic and operational challenges faced by the sector and how the management overcame them. The challenges should have been evident in the recent past no later than 3years ago. A comparison with another organization in the sector should be done to justify the challenges. Students are advised to avoid highlighting COVID 19 as a challenge due to lack of depth in discussion

  • OBU RAP Topic 9: Analyse and evaluate the management of change within a specific area of the organisation resulting from a strategic decision.

This topic is best suited for analysis and evaluation of areas such sustainability initiative, technological devt or human resource management. The topic requires the student to use primary data collection to effectively assess the impact of change. If possible, the student should rely on collection and analysis of internally generated information to effectively demonstrate the change.

  • OBU RAP Topic 10: Analyse and evaluate the use of non-financial metric in the management of the performance of an organisation.

This topic is best suited for evaluation of areas such as sustainability management, risk management and environmental performance management. The use of internally generated information is desirable to effectively evaluate the performance. However, the use of public available information must be done with a comparison of another organization.

  • OBU RAP Topic 11: Analyse and evaluate how an organisation has managed the use of data to inform business performance and achieve strategic advantage.
  • OBU RAP Topic 12: Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of an aspect of the control environment within an organisation.

The topic is suited to address business control environment such as corporate governance, risk management and internal audit functions. The research report should use internally generated information obtained through primary data collection methods.

  • OBU RAP Topic 13: Research an organisation that is recognised as having poor ethical business practices, analyse and evaluate the reasons for the poor ethical business practices and the impact this has on identified stakeholder groups.

In this topic, the research report should justify the organization chosen. A student can discuss the following poor ethical business practices: creative accounting, fraud, weak corporate governance and unethical supply chain management. The poor ethical business practice should be publicly recognized and must have been known in the last 5 years. Use of publicly available information is desirable. It is advisable to use a model / benchmark / framework, and possibly a comparator organisation in your evaluation.

  • OBU RAP Topic 14: Research an organisation that is recognised as having particularly strong ethical business practices, analyse and evaluate the benefits to identified stakeholder groups.

A student should justify choice of organization and highlight the poor ethical practice. The practice should be in the public knowledge. Among the poor ethical practices that students can analyse include weak corporate governance, fraud and creative accounting. Analysis should be based on publicly available information, and compare with another organization.

  • OBU RAP Topic 15: Analyse and evaluate the impact on the financial and business performance of the strategy adopted by an organisation in one of the functional areas.

The functional areas that a student can evaluate include marketing, HRM, operations and supply chain. It is desirable for students to use internally generation information obtained through primary data collection methods. Public available information can be used if you choose marketing or sustainability as your functional area of focus.

ACCA Thesis Mentoring Services: Easy Steps to Get OBU Thesis Help

Are you seeking OBU Thesis help services but don’t know how to submit your request? Well, here are four simple steps to follow to successfully request for help from us:

Step 1

Reach out to our customer support desk representative available online. Tell the topic you have chosen or let us choose the topic for you. Communicate the thesis requirements and instructions from the university and the deadline. You will be given a free quotation. Additionally, you can ask for ACCA RAP thesis mentoring services!

Step 2

Share with us in details how you will want your thesis written. Email us all the requirements and instructions along with any supporting materials.

Step 3

Make your payment via MasterCard, Credit/Debit Card or PayPal

Step 4

You work will be assigned to an expert ACCA RAP thesis writer who will research and write a perfect thesis according to your requirements and instructions. It will be proofread, checked for plagiarism and edited before delivered straight to your email.

Why Choose Us?

  • No plagiarism

Several students submit their RAP Thesis in every session while thousands have already submitted their RAP thesis. The OBU is equipped with experienced markers who use state of the art plagiarism checker so that your work doesn’t coincide with earlier RAPs done by other student or in the public domain. To avoid your RAP thesis being caught up in plagiarism, our professional writers often research and write your thesis from scratch to ensure originality. Besides, they ensure your work is passed through renowned plagiarism checkers before it is submitted to you.

  • Dedicated Service

We have a team of expert and editor enables us to provide you with dedicated service just as dictated in your thesis instructions and requirements on the topic of your choice.  Moreover, we are strict adherents to the academic code of conduct guidelines of OBU. We offer OBU thesis help 24/7, so you don’t have to arrange a time to get our services, just call or email us any time of your choice and we will be here to help. With a dedicated team, high-quality work is guaranteed. More importantly, our interactive approach to your RAP thesis will assist you to learn the basics and thesis objectives even when we do it on your behalf.

Our team of able accounting thesis writers work tirelessly to ensure you get a solid RAP topic. It may include financial reporting (RAP topics 3,4,5,7,8 & 12), information systems (RAP topics 2 & 9), human resource (RAP topics 6 &13), financial management (RAP topics 14,15,16 & 19), marketing (RAP topics 18), management accounting (RAP topics 1 & 10), auditing (RAP topic 11) or corporate governance (RAP topics 3, 17 & 20). Moreover, we assist students with OBU thesis proofreading and ACCA OBU RAP thesis editing services at affordable rates.

We Assure 100% Passing

If you avail our ACCA RAP thesis writing services, we guarantee you that we will deliver you a pass in the first attempt.  If not, you will get 100% refund. However, it won’t come to this since we have full trust in the quality of work we deliver to our esteemed clients.

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