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Have you considered submitting your dissertation or thesis to a professional thesis review service? We strongly recommend it. If you want just an “ok” dissertation or thesis, you probably shouldn’t even read this. But if you crave an academic paper
your thesis or dissertation reviewers will enjoy reading, stick with us.

Hiring a professional reviewer can supercharge your academic project. It can dramatically increase the chances it’ll get accepted without endless revision requests.

Why Pay a Dissertation Reviewer?

Why do you eat in a restaurant when you can make mouthwatering meals at home? That’s the exact same reason people work with a dissertation review service.

You most likely aren’t a qualified chef, and you probably have zero interest in the career. Perhaps your favorite restaurant prepares a particular delicacy that requires exotic ingredients. Or your town’s most popular steakhouse serves steak that tastes incredibly good.

You find a reviewer because you believe they’ll add value to your work. And they often do. They’ve reviewed countless dissertations and theses in your field. Also, they’ve formed a pretty clear understanding of what examiners generally want.

In addition, these experts are typically qualified PhDs. They can provide insanely valuable feedback and suggestions. If you rarely prep pizza at home, the odds are you don’t want to be your own reviewer. You’d rather hire someone who knows their “thing.”

Make Great First Impressions

First impressions matter everywhere. They matter during job interviews, in the courtroom, and on first dates. Your dissertation or thesis should make the reviewer “feel good” within the first few minutes of reading it. Otherwise, getting it approved will be an uphill task. You’ll likely see more than a few revisions, and you’ll hate being a doctoral candidate.

So, how do you capture the committee’s attention? How do you sustain their interest in your work? It’s simple — make your introduction and literature review enticing. Make them want to read these two chapters.

Well, we aren’t telling you anything new or earth-shattering here. It’s just plain old common sense. Those two areas receive the first installment of the reviewer’s attention. If these chapters aren’t gripping, prepare for a bumpy ride for the rest of the journey.

A professional reviewer can look at your work and quickly tell you what needs improvement. Maybe the introduction sucks. Maybe your literature review didn’t go deep enough.  Or, maybe the whole paper is one convoluted read that’s neither interesting nor particularly insightful. Dissertation revision services know what to check. They almost always provide practical, actionable advice or suggestions.


Reviewers Assess Dissertations and Theses Consistently


Whether you’re in Alberta or Alabama, understand that examiners everywhere review academic papers pretty much the same way. Reviewers the world over speak the same language. One study found that when it comes to assessing a dissertation or thesis, all examiners focus on certain universal “core qualities.”

These qualities remain the same regardless of the discipline in question or nationality of the reviewers. They stay the same in spite of differences in their experience or institutional instructions.

Whether you’re crafting an undergraduate, masters, or PhD-level dissertation, do quality work. Make sure it meets the expected quality threshold for such important projects. That’s precisely why should consider working with a seasoned reviewer.

A professional dissertation or thesis editor speaks the language all editors speak. They look at your work with critical eyes just like reviewers in your department. If they sniff out a few flaws in your work, it’s because your work needs a little fine-tuning. These dissertation review experts typically provide insights that help catapult an academic paper to first-time-round approval.

Your Dissertation Should be Readable to Almost Everyone

Astronomical differences exist between academic papers and blog posts. No one reads a blog post written in “technicalese” for long. You’re very likely to abandon such an article after two or three seconds. Everyone wants to read interesting blog posts, those that provide valuable information captivatingly.

But academic papers are supposed to be overly difficult writing only understood by experts with advanced degrees, right? Well, not quite. Sure, academic papers should reflect the depth and general complexity of the subject in question. And they should feel like a true academic with full-blown critical thinking abilities wrote them.

However, they should be readable, just like blog posts. They should communicate a clear message presented in the most engaging way. Readability and clarity become especially important if the research is designed to solve a real-life problem.

So, make your thesis or dissertation is clear and readable. Above all, make it engaging. But how do you do that? You’ve got to fine-tine the overall style, use more precise words, and focus the tone among other tweaks.

Unfortunately, some things such as “polish your paper” are easy to say but hard to do. Luckily, the world is full of competent thesis review service providers.

Thesis Reviewers Actually Want to Approve a Candidate’s Paper

That’s a comforting thought. Reviewers are, for the most part, stakeholders in specific fields of study. Some will be very interested in your research. They know that dissertations provide new, fresh insights about a particular subject or discipline. Plus, they’ve seen quite a few academic papers that became phenomenally influential. They’ve assessed dissertations and theses that went on to became landmark studies. And yours could be one of those works that shoot to the pinnacle of true academic brilliance.

But they also expect that you’ve invested enough knowledge, research, and writing skills into the paper. Well, your work shouldn’t necessarily be spectacular. However, it should add up to a pretty decent piece of research.

Here’s more good news. It’s unusual for reviewers to fail a dissertation or thesis. In other words, stop worrying your paper might not get accepted. They won’t reject it unless the work is exceedingly pathetic. In most cases, the worst you’ll see is a request for resubmission.

Easily Remove Presentation Mistakes

One of the quickest ways to crash your credibility is to have too many “reckless mistakes” in your dissertation. According to Johnston (1997, p. 338), a well-presented paper positively shapes reviewers’ feelings toward the author. Flawless writing tends to prompt them to express pleasure, relief, and sometimes even surprise.  But how do reviewers behave if the work presented is full of errors the author could have addressed? Well, they get annoyed, even frustrated.

You really must take care of presentation mistakes before submitting the final draft. When we say “presentation mistakes or errors,” we mean spelling and grammatical errors. We also refer to seemingly innocent typographical errors, and of course, formatting mistakes.

Other examples of dissertation presentation errors are inconsistencies in citations and missing or incorrectly reported references. There’s also misused quotations. Misspelling names or presenting wrong publication dates are also not uncommon.

Getting advised by a professional dissertation reviewer helps you avoid all these embarrassing mistakes. It ensures that you submit a thesis or dissertation that inspires good first impressions.

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