Abstract Writing Services for Dissertation, Research Papers and Capstone Projects

Abstract writing involves the crafting of concise summaries of longer research papers or business documents. An abstract provides a brief overview of the main ideas, objectives, points, methodology, and outcomes of the original work. It aids readers swiftly understand the main findings and arguments of a larger project (dissertation, thesis, research paper or capstone).

Abstract writing follows a definite structure and is often limited to less than 500 words. As such, your abstract should be concise, clear, and informative while catching all the ideas in the original work in brief. So, when writing an abstract, avoid excessive use of technical jargon and focus on bringing out the significant aspects of your work. Also, make sure your abstract is coherent and error-free.

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Structure for Dissertation Abstract Writing


An abstract must have an introduction. Therefore, when writing your abstract introduction, make sure you start with a sentence that captures the reader’s attention and introduces the topic idea. Besides, give brief background information and context to establish the importance of your research work.

Research question

Once you have the introduction and background information, the next step is to state your work’s objectives or research question. The research question or objectives must be clearly stated and addressed in your research or business document. Briefly explain why these objectives or research questions are significant and relevant.

Methodology or approach

Briefly describe the methodology or approach used in the research. Besides, highlight the distinctive methods or techniques used.

Results or findings

An abstract should briefly describe the key findings or results attained from the study. Ideally, emphasize the most important results or findings.


Summarize the implications of the findings of the study. More importantly, explain how the results contribute to existing knowledge in the field of study.


Give a concise conclusion that summarizes the most important points discussed in the study. Also, briefly highlight the overall importance or potential impact of the findings of the research.


Be sure to include a list of relevant keywords or phrases that accurately represent the content of the study. The keywords can come in handy in helping the researchers find your work in the academic database.

Generally, an abstract is a summary of what is contained in a study or business document. Therefore, when writing your abstract, make it as concise and straightforward as possible while summarizing all the sections of the original study document. Should you be in need of help with writing abstract, don’t hesitate to reach out to our abstract writing services for top-notch abstract help.

What to Consider When Writing an Abstract

When crafting an abstract, there are several factors to keep in mind. Some of the key factors to consider include:

Length: The length of your abstract should be within the word limit specified by the publication or study guidelines. Therefore, ensure that you have adhered to the specified word count. However, if there is no specific word limit, then aim for a length of approximately 250 words.

Abstract should be written last: This first section of the paper is best written last. As a summary of the written manuscript all the main points and important knowledge should be included. More often this is a tip for abstract writing that is overlooked

This first section of the paper is best written last. As a summary of the written manuscript all the main points and important knowledge should be included. More often this is a tip for abstract writing that is overlooked

Content: Since an abstract is a summary of what is contained in the original documents, its content should be concise and accurate. Moreover, consider including elements of the original content, such as:

  • Background and Objectives: As we mentioned above, introduce the topic under study while stating the main objectives of your study.
  • Methodology: Give a brief overview of the methods and techniques you used in your research.
  • Results/ Findings: Summarize the main outcomes of your study. Highlight the most important findings.
  • Conclusion or Implications: Discuss the key implications of your findings and their importance in the broader context.

Language and Style: Use clear and concise language when writing your abstract. Avoid using unnecessary jargon or complex terminology that may hinder understanding of your study. Consider using a formal and objective style while maintaining an academic or professional tone throughout.

Accuracy: Make sure the information you present in your abstract is accurate and reflects the original content of your study. Avoid exaggerating or overstating your results or findings. Be sure to give an honest and balanced representation of your study.

Structure: Organize your abstract logically and coherently. Ideally, use subsections or paragraphs to separate the different elements like background, objectives, methods, findings, and conclusion. By doing so, readers can navigate the abstract with ease.

Keywords: By including relevant keywords in your abstract, you will be able to make it easy for other researchers to find them in academic databases. Therefore, choose keywords that accurately represent the content and scope of your work.

Target Audience: Keep in mind the audience that will be reading your abstract. Craft the level of technicality and details accordingly. However, if you are submitting your abstract to a specific journal or conference, familiarize yourself with their requirements and guidelines.

Proofreading and Editing: Before you hand over your abstract for grading, carefully proofread it for any grammatical errors, typos, and clarity. Ensure your abstract flows logically and smoothly while effectively communicating your study.

By considering these factors, you will be able to create an abstract that clearly and concisely communicates your study and captures the attention of your target audience.

Types of Abstract Writing Services

Our team of highly skilled abstract writers delivers exceptional abstract writing services of any kind. Among the types of abstracts we deliver include:

      • Academic/ scientific abstract: At Help with Dissertation we offer professional academic abstract writing help to students and university researchers looking for assistance to craft abstracts for their dissertations, research papers, manuscripts and capstones.
      • Technical abstract: We provide technical abstract writing to software technology and research institutions.
      • Medical abstract: Looking for medical abstract writing services? Talk to our medical writing experts.
      • Legal abstract: Our team of legal professionals offers legal abstract writing services to attorney and solicitors.

5 Must Do’s to observe when writing abstract chapter

Most scholars and students find writing an abstract tedious and arduous. Thus, it is common to find students seeking help with writing dissertation abstract chapter. Due to unavoidable circumstances you may find writing assistance not forthcoming, leaving you with no other option but to write an abstract. These are the five key DO’s when developing an abstract:

    1. Stick to purpose of the abstract: An abstract is a brief summary of key knowledge in the larger written manuscript. Avoid presenting new information or arguments that are not part of the paper.
    2. Use simple language: An abstract should break complex information to simple details that a reader can easily understand. Avoid jargons, technical and flowery language that may confuse readers.
    3. Concise: Ensure that an abstract presents concise information that captures all the key information in the paper.
    4. Proper Formatting: Ensure that the abstract follows the school of journal formatting guidelines and requirements. Pay keen attention to word count (length of the abstract) and required sections.
    5. Proofread: Since an abstract is the first point of contact with a reader. It should be free of  typos and grammatical errors. Get a professional editor to proofread and edit your abstract.

Although it is a small component of the entire written paper, writing an abstract is a crucial stage in the writing process. An abstract is the first point of contact with the reader, and as they say first impression matters. This key section influences and shapes the decision of the reader about the rest of the manuscript. It is important to construct a well written abstract to capture readers’ attention. In case you experience challenges at any stage of the writing process ask for assistance from our PhD writers. Our abstract writing help goes beyond writing to include editing and formatting services.

Why Choose Us for Your Abstract Writing

As an abstract writing services provider, there are several reasons why you should choose us. Here are some of the potential advantages you stand to benefit from:

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Your abstract needs to convey complex or technical information clearly and concisely. Our professional writers have the expertise and experience to distill the complex information of different research and present them in a manner that is easily understandable to a variety of readers. As such, you can trust us to write your abstract to communicate your study effectively.

Timely delivery

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Quality assurance

We are a reputable abstract writing service provider that has put in place quality control measures to ensure accuracy, coherence, conciseness, and professionalism in abstract writing. Besides, once your abstract is written, it is submitted to a team of experienced proofreaders and editors who ensure that all the requirements are adhered to. With these, you can be confident of receiving a high-quality abstract.

Customized to your needs

Our professional abstract writers work closely with our clients to understand what their specific requirements are and incorporate them into their abstract writing. Besides, they can customize your abstract to align with your study objectives and goals.

We meet your submission guidelines

Abstracts often have very strict word limits, formatting requirements, and specific elements that require to be included. Our professional abstract writers are well-versed in these guidelines and requirements and can ensure your abstract meets the submission guidelines of your abstract or targeted publication or study.

Confidentiality and privacy

Our Abstract Writing Services prioritize client confidentiality and privacy.  We have put protocols in place to protect your personal information and ensure that your abstract and study remain confidential. Besides, your payment information will remain private, and not even our writers will have access to it.

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