Tips To Avoid Plagiarism

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism In Your Academic Papers

plagiarism removal serviceIn the current technological world, many colleges and universities are using web-based plagiarism checking tools to scan academic papers and detect stolen materials. Note that the consequences for plagiarism can be dire whereby you can be awarded a failing grade for the assignment, or you can even get a dismissal from an academic program.

When composing your thesis or dissertation or capstone project, you should give it a pause if you deliberately plagiarize your paper. However, if you are unintentionally copying it, there could still be a reason for apprehension. Note that a plagiarism checker will catch an ever-increasing amount of appropriated materials, and in some cases, the student has doesn’t realize he/she is doing wrong. Here are some of the simple guidelines to help you in avoiding plagiarism of the unintentional variety.

Understanding What Constitutes Plagiarism

In order to know how to avoid plagiarism, it is imperative you understand what constitutes unoriginal content in academic parlance. Plagiarism is the act of copying ideas or words of another individual without giving acknowledgment to the person from whom you borrowed. For instance, you can’t just alter some few words of a borrowed passage and believe that you are on a safer side. Except for the fact that the material is known, a citation is required for any borrowed material. The borrowed material can be an idea, a paraphrase or even a direction quotation.

Be acquainted with what your instructor will look for in the paper

plagiarism removal helpEven way before the introduction of computers, university lectures had a unique way to catch students who plagiarized content. Therefore, the internet has just made the checking much easier. Here are some of the things that might give your professor a hint that the thesis you presented as your original work comes from a different person.

  1. Fluctuations in your writing style
  2. Expressions that are not typically for you
  3. Harsh connection between passages
  4. Deviances in the point of view from which the passage is borrowed
  5. Illogicality in the concepts or positions upheld in the thesis
  6. The thesis failing to address the specific topic assigned
  7. The usage of exclusively web-based sources
  8. The inaccessibility in your college library of the sourced referenced in your thesis

If your thesis is affected by one of the listed points, there is no guarantee that your thesis has been plagiarized. Nevertheless, the combination of multiple of these points will raise unnecessary suspicions that will make your instructor dig deeper.

Understand How Anti-plagiarism Programs Work

If your instructor or University uses a web-based anti-plagiarism checking service, it is important to know how the program is used. If you are deliberately plagiarizing, the possibility is that you will never outfox this software. On the other hand, if you are unintentionally copying, knowing how the program is used will assist you to avoid plagiarizing inadvertently. Currently, the commonly used anti-plagiarism programs do a combination of the following;

  • Search the internet for word strings

Taking some words from a source available on the net is the simplest way to detect plagiarism in a thesis paper.

  • Search cached sources

tips to avoid plagiarismEven if the source you use is not available on the net, it might still be accessible to the anti-plagiarism search since it was on the internet at one time.
Search Database of your thesis to compare it with thousands of archived source

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Copying other peoples work is an academic crime that may lead to termination of studies and possible legal actions. Therefore, students should ensure that their works are original and authentic to avoid embarrassment and legal suits. It is recommended that you engage a professional plagiarism removal service if you’re unsure of the quality of your paper. Our writers and editors will scan and implement remedial steps in case of unoriginal content in your academic paper.

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Key Tips To Writing First Class Dissertation Hassle Free

tips to writing first class dissertationAre you a British, American, Canadian or Oman student in need of key tips to writing first class dissertation hassle free?  In many occasions, students spend a lot of time worrying about how to write a high quality dissertation, but in the end they lack time to do a quality work on their paper. Therefore, to avoid suffering from despair or panic and also evade sleepless nights just because of a dissertation, here are some of the tips to help you avoid troubles in the process of writing a dissertation.

Tips to Writing First Class Dissertation Hassle Free

  • Find an experienced dissertation advisor

Note that getting the right person to assist you in writing the dissertation is not an easy task. The moment the right person is there to help you, giving you guidelines, asking questions and assisting you to identify a better way to solve your problem, then be sure that everything will work perfectly well. Note that because you lack the required experience with this, you need an individual to help you at various stages. Thus, if you notice that your dissertation writing expert is not interested in whatever you are doing, or he doesn’t offer any help once you need it, then switch them for someone who is willing to help. it is your responsibility to write a quality dissertation, but getting a good advisor to help you is imperative.

  • Pick an eye-catching theme

Whatever your area of specialization is, you should make sure that you pick a good and exciting topic. The dissertation will take an extended period to write. For that reason, rather than choosing themes that are not interesting enough, select the ones you think are good for your dissertation. When writing a thesis, you are supposed to enjoy the entire process while liking for new facts. Note that an interesting topic is a key to all that. On top of that, select a theme that you can create a discovery in. if it happens that the subject you pick has already been researched, it is possible that you will get stuck. Therefore select a unique and open for a research topic.

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Top 12 Best Jobs for Getting Ahead in 2017

Top 12 Best Jobs for Getting Ahead in 2017

Top 12 Best Jobs for Getting Ahead in 2017With many students graduating from their respective learning institutions than before, graduates can expect to embrace one of the toughest jobs market ever experienced in 2017. In such changeable climate, getting employment or a stable career path seems daunting. However, the good thing is that where some traditional industries may be collapsing, modernized ones are opening up. Below are some of the top 12 best jobs for getting ahead in 2017 and beyond.

Top 12 Best Jobs To Consider in 2017

1.    Data Analyst

The aspiration to analyze, manipulate and securely store important information is vital for any business in the current climate. In fact, there is a lot to be done since there is cognitive computing on the horizon. All you have to do is to make sure that you have development skills alongside coding ad testing techniques.

2. Technical Architect

Note that the digital era is taking over all the sectors by storm, where software is becoming more advanced, and business needs to evolve.  The role of the technical architect is tailored to integrate all aspects of leadership and business operations which will help in maintain the structure of the program. This profession only requires trained individuals, but also a person who is contented to delegate and manage a project. Though the technical skills needed are incomparable, it could be learning the art of administration that sets you apart.

3. Plumber

Note that the demand for plumbing services is set to remain high in 2017, with specific skills required to execute the roles to the required level of standards. Communication is vital since the capability to explain job details to clients, sub-contractors suppliers and managers are unavoidable. Having the skills to understand drawings of water systems and translate the information to the role is essential. On top of that, there are practical skills such as knowing to use specialist equipment that is required for you to do the task perfectly.

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Free Sample Essay on Statement of Cash Flow

Statement of Cash Flow

free sample essay on statement of cash flowThe day-to-day activities of enterprises are characterized by cash inflows and cash outflows. Receipt of payment from debtors, loan advances, proceeds of sales of assets and dividend income from investments form part of cash inflows. On the other hand, the firm is required by means of payment to settle obligation they owe to suppliers, financiers and employees, constituting to cash outflow. For this reason, business entities require to keep on evaluating their cash position to enable them to settle conveniently their cash obligations when they fall due, therefore, business enterprises prepare statement of cash flow to provide them with information pertaining to cash receipts and cash payment in that particular reporting period. According to Deloitte (2013) statement of cash flow is a financial reporting statement prepared for the primary objective of reflecting the liquidity position of a business entity. Kieso, Weygandt and Warfield (2011) observe that a cash flow statement plays a secondary role of reporting on a cash basis about operating activities, investing activities and financing activities of an enterprise in a particular financial period. This essay seeks to explain the purpose and preparation methods of a statement of cash flows.

Purpose and Presentation of a Statement of Cash Flows

Deloitte (2013) states that standards for the preparation and presentation of statement of cash flow are contained in IAS 7. The first draft that formed the basis of the current IAS 7 requirement came into effect in June 1976. Since then numerous changes have been made to the standard to enhance its reporting structure. The IAS 7 statement of cash flows requires reporting entities to present a statement of cash flows as a part of primary financial statement. Therefore, a statement of cash flows should be presented alongside the statement of financial position, income statement and statement of changes in equity. According to Kieso, Weygandt and Warfield (2011), a cash flow statement is a useful reporting tool that is used by investors, creditors, managers and tax authority to measure different performance metrics of a business entity.

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Free Sample Essay on Estimates and Accounting Policy Judgement

Estimates and Accounting Policy Judgement

Free Sample Essay on Estimates and Accounting Policy Judgement The Australian Securities & Investments Commission in their review of 2011 financial reports unearth that listed entities in their reporting did not follow or meet expectations of the Australian Accounting Standard Board (AASB) requirement. According to ASIC (2012), the most affected accounting policies that did not meet full disclosure were standards concerned with performance and uncertain economic conditions and useful information for investors. Standards that deal with performance and uncertain economic condition and were not fully disclosed by reporting entities include revenue recognition, expense deferral and other comprehensive income, asset values, off- balance sheet arrangement and going concern. The standards that help disclose useful information to investors and did not meet disclosure requirement include non-IFRS financial information disclosures, operating and financial review, current versus non-current classifications, estimates and accounting policy judgements and financial instruments.

The commission was concerned with non-compliance of estimates and accounting policy judgements. The commission in their investigation observed that some entities did not make material disclosures of sources of estimation uncertainty and significant judgements in applying accounting policies . According to ASIC (2012), non compliance with estimates and accounting policies leads to material misstatement of economic value of transactions of the firm, and therefore, it is important for firms to fully comply with disclosure requirements of the policy to allow users of financial statements evaluate financial performance and position of a reporting entity with all relevant and necessary financial information. The Board of Wesfarmers Limited is concerned about the company’s reputational standing in the market if ASIC found any deviations from AASB requirements in this matter. The Board, therefore, sought review of the relevant disclosures in the company’s annual report undertaken as recommended by ASIC. This business research report seeks to review Wesfarmer Limited’s compliance of estimates and accounting policies to the requirements set by the Australian Accounting Standards Boards in order to meet Australian Securities and Investment Commission guidelines.

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