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Top 12 Best Jobs for Getting Ahead in 2017


Top 12 Best Jobs for Getting Ahead in 2017

Top 12 Best Jobs for Getting Ahead in 2017With many students graduating from their respective learning institutions than before, graduates can expect to embrace one of the toughest jobs market ever experienced in 2017. In such changeable climate, getting employment or a stable career path seems daunting. However, the good thing is that where some traditional industries may be collapsing, modernized ones are opening up. Below are some of the top 12 best jobs for getting ahead in 2017 and beyond.

Top 12 Best Jobs To Consider in 2017

1.    Data Analyst

The aspiration to analyze, manipulate and securely store important information is vital for any business in the current climate. In fact, there is a lot to be done since there is cognitive computing on the horizon. All you have to do is to make sure that you have development skills alongside coding ad testing techniques.

2. Technical Architect

Note that the digital era is taking over all the sectors by storm, where software is becoming more advanced, and business needs to evolve.  The role of the technical architect is tailored to integrate all aspects of leadership and business operations which will help in maintain the structure of the program. This profession only requires trained individuals, but also a person who is contented to delegate and manage a project. Though the technical skills needed are incomparable, it could be learning the art of administration that sets you apart.

3. Plumber

Note that the demand for plumbing services is set to remain high in 2017, with specific skills required to execute the roles to the required level of standards. Communication is vital since the capability to explain job details to clients, sub-contractors suppliers and managers are unavoidable. Having the skills to understand drawings of water systems and translate the information to the role is essential. On top of that, there are practical skills such as knowing to use specialist equipment that is required for you to do the task perfectly.

4. Chief customer officer

As a result of the changing nature of the way clients purchase goods, retailers have an obligation to track all online shopping habits. The industry is searching for individuals with multi-channel and social media experience. In reality, it is very rare for a company to employ someone who does not have any social media experience.
The role requires a clear understanding of client interaction and the way retails engage with customers. For you to be a good chief customer office, you must have strong communication ad strategic skills.

5. Senior Accountant

With the effects of Brexit being felt, accountants are needed to offer advice on the issues like corporate tax and restructuring. They are specifically looking for individuals with business partner skills and commercial intelligence, instead of practical financial accounting skills only. The role of senior accountant needs a substantial involvement with other sections of the firm. For that reason, the capability to interpret financial jargon for non-finance individuals is a primary factor to consider when eyeing for this job. The profession also requires a candidate with excellent forecasting skills, an applicant who has an exceptional commercial view of risks and opportunities.

6. HR Managers

Note that HR roles are turning out to be less transactional and more strategic.  Transactional elements are outsourced or relocated to shared service centers using the available business models.  Professional understanding of particular HR software is always preferential to any employer, especially cloud-based software. Organizational skills are paramount since they will help you in combing the ability to manage structural change and handle HR data professionally.

Worker engagement is one aspect that employers desire from a candidate. This will help workers in maintaining a positive association between their role and the business at large, hence leading to employee retention.

7. Hospitality Manager

Hospitality managers are in charge of the daily management of the company and staff. Such managers must exhibit a passion for their industry with sound financial and business acumen.  In 2017, these demands for financial expertise will extend to individuals with specialist health and safety experience.

This is because the Food Standards Agency is pledging to change the way it monitors food processing companies. Apart from excellent communication skills, managers should have delegation and operation skills so that they can manage to operate the business smoothly. Hospitality is a profession that satisfies through client satisfaction and a great deal of creative flair and control.

8. Information security specialist

Note that the demand for information security professionals is ever growing. The candidates who wish to enroll for a career in this department must have the ability to demonstrate intrusion detection, cloud data expertise, and risk mitigation. If you acquire all these skills, be sure to see your career flourish.

9. Java Developer

With the rising demand for new and innovative programs to enable businesses develop, Java developers are making a good kill from this venture. It is no big surprise that this lucrative career has made it to our top 12 best jobs in 2017.

You need to prove that you have elaborate Java skills like XML, JMS, CSS and javascript.  The capability of analyzing complex issues is a factor that candidates should possess. Since this career path will see you get involved right from the start of the project, the ability to work independently and as part of the team is crucial.

10. Technical sales advisor

There is an increased demand for cyber security products as well virtual reality products because tech giants are releasing their products. Specialist skills within these classifications will make your stand out in the highly competitive applicant pool. The capability to communicate with confidence will help you make it in the competitive industry.

11. Marketing managers

These managers assist business in formulating and carrying out marketing plans, which can range strategic efforts to engage clients to operate social media programs. The job usually requires a bachelor’s degree and experience in marketing.

12. Data engineers

At the core of multiple data strategies, teams of data engineers, whose duties are designing and building programs that can make massive datasets. Those datasets are then analyzed by data scientists to assist companies to plan their business for effectiveness or look for new strategies. In most cases, data engineers have an advanced degree in computer science or related field. They should also have enough experience working with huge datasets.

Due to stiff competition, economic slowdown and political instability, job creation remain hindered. The finite opportunities available are only secured by top brains. To make yourself stand out from the crowd and be among chosen few to land the rare job openings, you need to attain excellent grades in your college and university studies.

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